What is the difference between branding and marketing? In simple terms, branding is all about design, name, colors, and product types. Marketing is all about selling what the brand offers through different strategies.

Branding is a long-term game, while marketing isn’t. If one day I decide to sale shoes, and get a stand somewhere with a sign that says “Save hundreds on shoes”, I will probably sale a lot that day because I had good marketing. A great offer, a good spot, and a great collection of shoes to show. But if that’s all I do in order to sale, I lack in the brand part. If I don’t have a website to try to be memorable, if I don’t have a certain style of shoes that makes people think of me, or even if I don’t have a color that represents me, I might need to make some changes and reconsider investing in branding if I want to grow.

Branding creates loyalty in people. A good amount of people buy NIKE products just to have their logo on them. Same with cars, I always hear the question: Are you a Chevy guy, or a Ford guy? Branding has a lot more to do with that deep emotional connection from the consumer to a brand. On the other hand, marketing is all about turning that value, and those emotions, into sales, and that of course means money $. The brand is delivering a functional and emotional benefit, in exchange of money.

So the question is, which one is more important?

They are obviously both very important. In my opinion, if you are a new small business owner, always remember that sales pay the bills. Marketing is far more important at the beginning because that will produce capital for you. Do not spend too much time in a logo, or deciding your color palette, or choosing a font to write in. Spend your time selling. Your brand will take time to build, and it will create loyalty, but it is marketing how you get your first market shares.