At one point I had to ask myself, how do I get my first 10 clients? When you start a company, you are automatically behind in marketing unless you are exceptionally lucky. Here is the advice many may not like. When you start your business, you are a salesman. Not a marketer, not just the owner, but someone that has to go find those clients.

Here are some ideas:

  • If you provide a home service (pressure washing, pest control, window cleaning, etc.).
    • Get business cards or door hangers and go door to door selling your service.
    • Make sure your contact information is clearly displayed and readable.
    • Make as many phone calls as you can offering your service.
    • If you can collect people’s emails, do it! You can have an email list and stablish a relationship with your customers and leads via email.
    • Most cities have a “Buy, Sell, Trade” Facebook group. Join it, and offer your service.
  • If you provide a service for businesses (accounting, design, insurance, etc.).
    • Visit businesses and offer your services to the owners.
    • Select your city in google maps, and browse through businesses there. Call all of the businesses you can help with your service.
    • Network! Join Facebook groups for entrepreneurs that are local to you, and make friends. Community support can be huge when you are starting.

*Extra Tip: Always ask for referrals from your happy customers.

Congratulations! You are on your way to get your first 10 customers. Remember to set goals! Write how many sales you will get in the next 7, 14, and 30 days. Make sure the goals are realistic, but that also push you to grind. This is key to make sure those 10 customers get to you FAST!

Important note!

This tactics are just to get your first clients. Do not postpone creating a website, being present on social media, working on your SEO, creating your google business profile, and putting attention to all of your marketing needs. This will make the biggest difference in your growth.

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