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You can only shape your approach once you know how people react to your marketing strategy.

Understanding People

Marketing - Audience Analytics

Audience analytics means studying data from different sources like website and social media to understand audience interests and behaviors. This helps businesses improve how they connect with customers and potential customers, and shape their strategies. 

Who visits your website, where are they coming from, which channel brings you the highest conversion rates, and most importantly, what people’s behavior look like once they visit your site are all things to consider when you want to understand your audience. 

There are multiple ways to look at this data, but we love using Google Analytics. There are multiple exploration tools in GA4 that can be very useful and adaptable to the data you want to focus on. 

Audience Behavior


What people do once they land in your website, is crucial to your success.  Are people adding things to their carts? Exploring your products pages? Filling out the forms? Making appointments? Or are they just leaving?

All of that data can be measured and analyzed with the purpose of adjusting your campaings to be more successful. Sometimes, you will notice that people from a specific channel are more likely to engage than others. Or people from a specific location. It is mindblowing what you can find out about the people you intend to serve.


Behavioral Analysis for Marketing Success.
Website Adjustments - Audience Analytics - Bekor Digital.

Content Optimization


After analyzing people’s behavior and understanding what they like and disike, it’s time to begin optimizing your content, and your website. It is important to always add elements for testing, and watch the data like a hawk. Never “set it and forget it.” Remember, never argue with the data. Gut feelings and opinions do not get businesses results. Following data prompts does. 

Some of the things that can be tested and optimized are: Website images, website speed, website navegation, the offer, the message, live chat options, looping videos, etc.

Continuous Improvements


We hate to break it to you, but the analysis and the adjustments never stop. Think of the big companies: Amazon, Apple, Walmart, Microsoft, etc. They all already get millions and billions of web visits monthly, with loads and loads of success. And they are still adjusting.

It’s a circle. Test → Analyze → Adjust → Test → Analyze → Adjust → Test → Analyze → Adjust…

Important Note! Don’t adjust too soon. When testing a new feature, give it at least 30 days to collect enough data. This is assuming you have a healthy amount of traffic. 


Adjusting is essential, and it should never stop. Marketing for businesses.

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