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Let’s Make Art

Marketing - Brand Design

Many people think that branding and marketing are the same thing, but thinking of these terms as such, is a mistake. While both concepts are closely related and often work hand in hand, they serve different purposes in business. Marketing involves the planning and execution of activities aimed at promoting and selling a product or service. It focuses on tactics like advertising, public relations, and sales promotions to generate immediate interest and drive conversions. On the other hand, branding goes beyond these immediate actions; it’s the long-term strategy of shaping an entity’s identity, values, and perception in the minds of consumers. Branding establishes the foundation upon which marketing efforts are built, providing a consistent and recognizable framework that guides communication and resonates emotionally with the audience. In essence, branding lays the groundwork for successful marketing, ensuring that the right message is conveyed to the right people in a way that fosters trust, loyalty, and enduring connections.

There is a brilliant quote that says: “Marketing is what you tell people about your product or service, and branding is what people tell others about your business.” NIKE is a beatiful example of branding well done. You don’t remember the many commercials they have done in order to market. However, you do remember their name, and their logo, and what they stand for. 



The logo is a symbol that encapsulates a brand’s identity visually. The more often people see your business logo, the more recognition, trust, and connection your business will have with your audience.

Logos should be simple. The simpler it is, the easier it will be for people to remember it. Most people could mention all of the brand names in the picture, because they tremendous branding, and are easy to remember logos.

At Bekor Digital, we go through sketches, as well as multiple logo options until you find what fits your business the best.

Here are logo examples of big brands, such as Apple, Chevrolet, Ebay, Amazon, Nike, Tesla, Android, Snapchat, and Twitch
Brand typography examples for businesses.



Typography is pivotal, communicating brand personality and tone through fonts. It ensures recognition and consistency, aiding readability and evoking emotions. Additionally, it guides user experience, making it an essential element for effective communication and design.

When building a website, or video, or ads of any sort, there should always be consistency in typography. Using the same fonts in every situation.



We have mentioned the word consistency multiple times now. As you can imagine, the consistency in colors through your brand is a must. At Bekor Digital, we use three different tones of orange, and three different tones of grey, mixed with black and white.

Choosing colors is one of the very first steps in branding, as they will determine the color of the logo, the color of the titles and paragraphs in your website, and even what type of images you use. 

Colors are essential when designing a brand.
Brand Voice

Brand Voice


Brand voice is the consistent personality and emotion that you infuse into your company’s communications. It helps to humanize your brand, showcase your values, and distinguish yourself from competitors. Your voice is your brand’s steady personality that your customers know and love.

Here is an example to make it more clear. There are over 25,000 pest control companies in the United States. The most prevalent brande voices used in this particular industry are: 1. A pest professional spraying, getting the job done, and inspecting. 2. A happy family enjoying their home as a result of having no bugs. 

Once you have found the brand voice that resonates with you the most, the most important thing left is to be consistent (again). 

Brand Guide


After your branding is all built and ready to go, you will receive a “Brand Guide”. This will be a full guideline to help you remember how to place your logo, which fonts to use in your titles, headers, and paragraph, the colors to be used in the brand, and what the brand stands for. If you ever hire a marketing manager, or CMO, make sure to give them a copy of that document.

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